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Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K | 21K the unique loop course among art, history and Caserma Duca is confirmed.

The Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K | 21K | FAMILY RUN will arrive in front of the Arena on Sunday, November 17th.

The route winds through art, history and the solemnity of passing through the Caserma G. Duca.

Stefano Stanzial: "The route was a success in 2023, we are confirming it".

VERONA - The time is right to start getting excited for the Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K | 21K | Family Run, which will take place on Sunday, November 17, 2024. With just five months to go, preparations are in full swing for this year's event, which is already seeing a strong number of registrations, particularly from international participants.

The event is organized by the G.a.a.c. 2007 Veronamarathon A.S.D. sports association, with the patronage of the City of Verona and the collaboration of Città Sane. It is also included in the World Athletics and Aims calendar and is recognized by the Italian Athletics Federation.

THE COURSE - The 2023 course has been confirmed for the 2024 Verona Run Marathon, a unique loop that was so popular that it attracted Italy's top marathoners to the FIDAL-certified and homologated type A course (42.195km) in their quest for the Italian Absolute and Masters Marathon Championship titles. The title was won by parading around the unique lap of the city of the Scaligeri.

Between the speed with the relaxing kilometers along the Lungadige, then so much history and art with the UNESCO heritage center of Verona, but also so much solemnity for the passage inside the Caserma G. Duca, whose representatives honored the start and finish by singing the national anthem during the awards ceremony.

Percorso Eurospin Verona Run Marathon

FINISH LINE: ARENA - The Eurospin Verona Run Marathon will start in front of the Bentegodi Stadium, taking runners towards the northwest part of the city until they cross the Chievo Dam. From there, they will head towards Parona, reaching the 11km mark. Then, a fast return along the Lungadige awaits, a straight and slightly downhill ride until the 18km mark, before crossing the Adige River at Ponte della Vittoria and diving into the historic center.

Marathoners and half marathoners will tackle the first 20km together, conquering the city's historic center and passing by some of Verona's most famous landmarks, such as the Basilica of Sant'Anastasia and Piazza delle Erbe with its iconic Torre dei Lamberti.

Those running the 21.097km half marathon will finish in Piazza Bra right in front of the Arena, while marathoners will continue to embrace the entire Scaliger city in the eastern part, also touching the town of San Martino Buon Albergo, before returning to the center through Porta Vescovo and also arriving in Piazza Bra in front of the Arena.

Foto dell'arrivo in Piazza Bra della Eurospin Verona Run Marathon

CASERMA DUCA - Last year's edition of the Eurospin Verona Run Marathon saw a remarkable addition that was met with great enthusiasm and emotion: the passage through the Caserma G. Duca between kilometers 36 and 37, under the watchful eyes of the 85th Volunteer Training Regiment.

"We were proud to have supported the last edition of the Eurospin Verona Run Marathon and we hope to be able to participate in the next one not only with the passage through the barracks, but also with a significant representation of our young military athletes," commented Colonel Nicola Castello, Commander of the 85th "Verona" Training Regiment.

Passaggio della maratona all'interno della caserma G. Duca

This is the thought of the general manager of the organization Stefano Stanzial:

"The 2023 edition was a success from all points of view, including the route, which received widespread acclaim from marathoners, who are our priority and to whom we listen. Verona is still undergoing major roadworks for the new tram, so we are pleased to once again propose this route that embraces the whole of Verona, from the Adige to the historic center to the exciting passage inside the Caserma G. Duca. I would like to thank the Municipality of Verona, the entire Local Police force and the Barracks Commander Colonel Nicola Castello for the great work that we will all be doing together in the coming months to ensure that runners from all over the world can run in complete safety along the 42.195 km route".

REGISTRATION - Registration is open CLICK HERE.

Until July 31st the Double The Fun Rate will be active to run to Verona:

€ 80.00 Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K + Romeo&Giulietta Run Half Marathon 21K;

€ 55.00 Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 21K + Romeo&Giulietta Run Half Marathon 21K​

Until October 31st the promo "Dreamlike November" is active for the enrollment combined at € 50.00 per half marathon of Ravenna of November 10, 2024 and Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 21k of November 17 2024.


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