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Italian Sports Psychologists Championship

Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K | 21K and Family Run to host the Italian Sports Psychologists Half Marathon Championship on Sunday, November 17

Sport and mental well-being are the common themes of the conference and initiatives leading up to the race

VERONA - 150 days to go to the Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K | 21K and Family Run on Sunday, November 17, 2024, which will also host the 1st Italian Sports Psychologists Half Marathon Championship (FIPsiS).

A year will have passed in November since the thrills of the Italian National and Masters Athletics Federation Marathon Championships, which left a trail of strong emotions in the city of Verona.

The event is organized by the sports association G.a.a.c. 2007 Veronamarathon A.S.D., with the patronage of the City of Verona and the collaboration of Città Sane, and is included in the World Athletics calendar as well as being recognized by the Italian Athletics Federation.

Italian Sports Psychologists Half Marathon Championship (FIPsiS)

Building on the success of the previous edition, the Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 21k will once again host an Italian Championship, this time for the half marathon, in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Sports Psychologists (FIPsiS).

The presence of this professional category is intended to underline the deep connection between sport and mental well-being, highlighting the importance of mental preparation and psychological support for athletes, both professional and amateur of all levels. These increasingly widespread professionals play a crucial role in ensuring good sports performance.

The competition is open to all registered psychologists and psychology students.

An international-level setting for this 1st Italian Sports Psychologists Championship (FIPsiS).

Verona, with its charm and historical and artistic beauty, will once again be the protagonist and attract thousands of runners from all over the world to the starting line.

The half marathon, included in the race program in 2023, was the seventh half marathon in Italy, out of over 180, in terms of number of participants.

In the lead-up to the event, Sports Psychologists registered with the Federation (FIPsiS), precisely to seal the importance of their role, will support athletes with specific mental training techniques, to help them interpret the fatigue and emotional commitment associated with endurance in the right way and translate them into a successful performance not only in terms of chronometric performance but also of emotional satisfaction.

Among the planned initiatives there will also be a conference by FIPsiS on the eve of the event, Saturday, November 16th.

"After the 2023 Italian Fidal Marathon Championships, Verona is once again the protagonist with this new Italian Sports Psychologists Championship (FIPsiS)," says organizational director Stefano Stanzial. "We are proud of this new initiative and of building something together with the Italian Federation of Sports Psychologists. We believe that their profession is fundamental for all sports and in particular for a running and endurance competition like the Eurospin Verona Run Marathon. Verona is ready to welcome psychologists from all over Italy with their families."

Dr. Francesca Stecchi, President of the Veneto Regional Committee of the Italian Federation of Sports Psychologists, releases this statement:

"This collaboration underscores the crucial importance of mental well-being in sport, highlighting the fundamental role of sports psychologists in supporting athletes of all levels. Our presence at the Verona Run demonstrates the recognition and increasing value placed on our professional figure. Our work is not only aimed at improving performance but also at the overall well-being of athletes. In fact, an athlete who feels good and is more aware of himself will be able to perform well. It is a pleasure for us to be part of this event, as well as an important opportunity to raise awareness of our professional figure, eradicate certain stigmas and have the possibility of helping athletes, through targeted mental training techniques for endurance races, to face the competition with greater mental strength. The pre-race conference will be an excellent opportunity to focus on the importance of our work with athletes, clubs, coaches and parents, illustrate the mental training techniques we use and clarify the role of our professional figure."

RUNNING DREAM AND DARIO MENEGHINI COACH - For all the sports psychologists registered with the event, Running Dream will be available, the training program edited by the coach Dario Meneghini who since 2013 has been dealing with functional evaluation tests, group workouts, running internships In various locations and athletic preparation with personalized programs for runners of all levels. Vicenza, born in 1986, Dario Meneghini graduated in motor sciences, with a 2nd level master in physical and health and, in addition to being a brilliant coach, has at heart the message that sport is ideal to achieve a state of well -being psycho-physical-emotional

REGISTRATION - Registration is open CLICK HERE.

Until July 31st the Double The Fun Rate will be active to run to Verona:

€ 80.00 Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 42K + Romeo&Giulietta Run Half Marathon 21K;

€ 55.00 Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 21K + Romeo&Giulietta Run Half Marathon 21K​

Until October 31st the promo "Dreamlike November" is active for the enrollment combined at € 50.00 per half marathon of Ravenna of November 10, 2024 and Eurospin Verona Run Marathon 21k of November 17 2024.


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