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Registrations are open for Verona Marathon: Nov 19th will be the Italian Marathon Championship

Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon Asd has recently opened the registrations for the 22nd Verona Marathon

The race will assign the titles of Absolute Italian Champion and Master Fidal of marathon

The 9th Cangrande Half Marathon and the Last 10 k, competitive and non-competitive, are also starting

It runs on Sunday 19 November 2023


The emotions of the 21st HOKA Verona Marathon, 8th Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon and Avesani Last 10k are still in the air, a race in which 7 thousand runners were welcomed by a Verona dressed in a beautiful sun and lots of energy.

While work is in full swing for the 16th Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon and Avesani Monument Run 10k, competitive and non-competitive, scheduled in one month on February 12th, the organizational machine of Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon Asd restarts with the programming of the 22nd Verona Marathon, at the start Sunday 19 November together with the now traditional Cangrande Half Marathon and Last 10k.


The event has been awarded the Silver Label Fidal honor for years and is registered in the international calendar of World Athletics and Aims, the world association of road races and marathons.

For the past six years, the Verona Marathon has also been able to boast the honor granted by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO which has registered Verona in its World Heritage.

The departure from Piazza Bra was spectacular under the eyes of the Arena, the images from the drone of fifty days ago on a splendid day with a clear blue sky went all over the world.

Verona Marathon has an extra gear this year thanks to the assignment by the Italian Athletics Federation of the Italian Absolute and Master Marathon Championship, a kermesse that returns once again to the Verona roads exactly after six years and which will allow you to see at the start the entire population of the strongest Italian marathon runners.

“We can't wait for next November 19th when this Italian Championship Fidal Assoluto and Master for the city of Verona will take place in our Verona - says Stefano Stanzial, President of Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon asd.

I would like to thank President Fidal Stefano Mei as well as all the federal council that approved our request.

It is the right recognition of the efforts and passion of our 600 volunteers who make themselves available every year without delay and allow the event to take place.

It is also the recognition to our beloved city of Verona and to the people of Verona, people who have always loved great sport.

Verona with its monuments, its historicity, its beauty will be ready to welcome the approximately 10 thousand people coming not only from all over Italy but also from all over the world to run one of the three planned running distances".


Registrations are open from 6 January 2023, with a reduced fee of € 30,00 for a marathon and € 20,00 for a half marathon until 16 January.


To register for the Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon on 12 February 2023, CLICK HERE.

To register for the combined Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon 2023 and Mura Urban Trail on 17 June 2023 CLICK HERE.


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